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Inspiration can mean different things to people. To some, inspiration means having an idea, to others, inspiration means drawing on some inner spirit or voice and some even believe inspiration comes from a divine source. So, what inspires artist, poet, and writer, Alexander Adams Blackie, to portray and convey vivid reality in his painting, poetry and writing?

  • Painting the way light illuminates and dramatizes a scene inspires Alex. The technical term for this is chiaroscuro meaning the use of strong contrasts between light and dark which gives a painting a three dimensional quality. Alex says, “I want viewers to be captivated by my painting, to be drawn into it and to believe, even if  just for a moment, they have been transported there.”

For an example, see

Prior to moving to Devon in the South West of England, Alex painted scenes in Spain and France. Now he is inspired by views of the local countryside around his home and the magical light quality of the Exe Valley.

  • Poetry Alex is inspired to write poetry in classic verse forms. These include iambic pentameters and rhyming couplets. Alex found his poetic voice (as did Lord Byron) when he discovered ottava rima. The intellectual challenge and discipline of writing a stanza of 8 lines of iambic pentameters rhyming abababcc is very satisfying and is an inspiration to many readers, too. The resulting poems have a lovely smooth metre and are conducive to be spoken aloud and easier to remember.

Alex says, “Poetry should be instantly recognizable. In my opinion, it should be distinct from prose and, like my paintings, transport the reader with its imagery and power. A good poem should impact the emotions of the reader provoking reaction and reflection.”

  • Writing Alex’s writing is inspired by events that affect him emotionally. “Acts of bravery, survival against the odds, innocence triumphing over evil and retribution all figure in my work,” he says, “injustice, greed, and exploitation make me as mad as hell.” His particular interests are classical Greek literature and 20th century Spanish history. Alex completed a 3 Act verse play, Golpe, written in ottava rima reviewed favourably by the National Theatre and Theatre Royal, Plymouth but not produced. Several other scripts for television and theatre performance have yet to be accepted for production. 

    Alexander Blackie

    Alexander Blackie


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