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The Journal of Undiscovered Poets is a quarterly that, with the help of the W. Garfield Weston Foundation, supports the visions of poets who have not already been recognized by other publishers. The Journal unearths hidden talent that can surprise the world. While undiscovered does not necessarily mean unpublished, the Journal is interested in poems by writers meaning to enter the world of published poets. All ages, levels of education, and life experience are welcomed.

The first Editors’ Choice Contest for best poem, with its attendant cash award of $1,000 USD, has been awarded to The Prodigious Flowering of Rage of Francisco Goya written by poet, Alexander Adams Blackie, who lives in Devon. England who commented:

“I tried unsuccessfully for years to have my classical verse accepted by publishers and poetry contest organizers who seem to focus entirely on contemporary poetry forms. Classical verse forms made famous by Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Byron et al endure because of their power and imagery combined with magical metre and resonating rhyme. This makes their words easier to remember and a joy to recite. The Journal of Undiscovered Poets has given me a wonderful opportunity to continue in that tradition.”

The purpose of this quarterly journal is to publish talented undiscovered poets across the English-speaking world and to support and celebrate their writings in a journal that is accepted and respected in the traditional poetry environments. Those published will win entry into the membership of published poets and, as a result, of their exposure and acceptance into the poetry world, will gain access into other publishing, speaking, and teaching opportunities. They will serve as models of possibility and will offer inspiration to the other poets. Submissions will be reviewed with no prejudice around the age, education, location, or way of life of the poets.

Read the winning poem The Prodigious Flowering of Rage of Francisco Goya on my webpage at:

The Prodigious Flowering of Rage – Artlyrica

The Journal of Undiscovered Poets can be accessed at:

Alexander Blackie

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