Awards for Poetry

ALLPOETRY.COM the world’s largest poetry writing group runs poetry contests and Alex frequently wins awards for his poems.

Alexander Blackie Poet and Artist
Alexander Adams Blackie
Juggler Vain)

Awards: Gold 12; Silver 6; Bronze 7; Hon Winner 20 Front Page Pick 13

A Canadian poetry magazine: THE JOURNAL OF UNDISCOVERED POETS awarded Alex the Editors’ Choice Contest for Best Poem with attendant cash prize of $1000 USD for:

The Prodigious Flowering of Rage of Francisco Goya

God forgive me, I have sinned so badly.
Spared atrocities wreaked upon my folk
by barbarous invaders who sadly,
savagely, slaughtered those under their yoke.
Tortured, raped and mutilated madly,
murdered monks and every Commandment broke.
While I stood by keeping a silent tongue
as brave protesting ones from throats were wrung.

Painterly skills protected me from harm
My portraits of the great, good and evil
in great demand for me a lucky charm
Safe, aloof above the great upheaval,
I lost my mind, others their head or arm
chopped off in the butchery primeval.
Going ever so silently insane,
awful images formed inside my brain.

Some, I witnessed myself around Madrid
and sketched before engraving them on plates.
But some images came to mind unbid
of a nature a disturbed brain creates
as into a deep depression I slid
filled with rage no laughter or love abates,
plumbing the depths of sick depravity
unable to fathom its gravity.